Cultural Events


Academic life means not just study and research but also involvement and participation in cultural activities.

The Romanian cultural market offers a large variety of opportunities meant to enrich your knowledge in terms of culture.




We have traveled around the world during our cultural journey but we didn’t stop to any Slavic country. We will dedicate this week, from April 16 to  April 20, 2018, to discover the culture of the largest country in the world by area, a country hosting itself over 160 different ethnic groups and indigenous peoples.

We invite you all to participate to the activities celebrating the Russian culture and to attend the various events such as round tables, movie screening, scientific sessions and artistic performances.

The full program of the Russian Cultural Week is available here: program





140 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and Turkey

With the occasion of the anniversary of 140 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and Turkey, we invite you to celebrate it together during a series of events that will take place from March 26 to March 30, 2018.

You are welcome to participate to conferences, workshops and debates, but also to movie screenings and artistic performances.

You’ll be introduced to the secrets of Ebru art (watercolor painting), and invited to enjoy a traditional cup of Turkish coffee or tea. Bonus, you’ll learn how to prepare it yourself.

The full program of the Turkish Cultural Week is available here:program

afis Saptamana Culturii Turce(1)


After a short break to recharge our batteries, we start again our cultural journey. Next stop will be in the sunny Italy.

Therefore, from 19 to 23 of February 2018 we will dedicate our time to discover the Italian culture through a series of events such as round tables and conferences, workshops, dance and music performances,  Italian cultural evening and even a carnival.

We will be honored by the presence of His Excellency Marco Giungi, Ambassador of Italy, Mons. Migues Maury Buendia, Papal nuncio in Bucharest, His Excellency Bogdan Tataru Cazaban, former Ambassador of Romania to the Holy See, His Excellency Teodor Baconschi, former Ambassador of Romania to the Holy See and Mr. Luca Gentile, Director  of the Italian Foreign Trade Agency.

The full program of the Italian Cultural Week is available hereprogram





The German Cultural Week

Going from East to West in our cultural adventure we finally arrive on the Old Continent, with a first stop in Germany.

Hence, from 4th to 8th of December 2017, we invite you to join us in this adventure and to participate in a series of conferences, round tables and dialogues regarding the German culture and civilization.

We prepared for you also photo exhibitions and movie screenings. One of our special guests is the film director Alexandru Solomon, who will give us an insight of the Romanian cinematography.

The German Cultural Week is coordinated by Prof. dr. Gabriel H. Decuble, Director of the Department of German Languages and Literatures of the University of Bucharest.

The full program of the event is available here: German Cultural Week





The American Cultural Week

The project „International Cultural Weeks at the University of Bucharest” continues with the American Culture.

A series of conferences are organized during the week 20th-24th of November on various interesting topics.

The full program of the American Cultural Week is available here:program


Oriental Scents. The Arab Cultural Week

After China, Israel and Japan, we continue our journey to a challenging and yet mysterious culture – the Arab culture.

Our journey will last one week, from 13th to 17th of November, and during this period we invite you to discover the land of the Arabian Nights.

We have prepared for you exhibition of jewelries, perfumes and traditional clothes, traditional Arabic tattoo workshops, food tasting, movie screenings from Kuwaiti cinema and lectures.

Concert of Andalusian music, recital of Arabic poetry and traditional Arab dances performance will make you travel in time to magical homeland of Scheherazade.

We will be honored by the presence of His Excellency Salah Eldin Abdel Sadek Ahmed, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Romania who will have a presentation on The Arab Culture.

The full program of the Arab cultural week  is available here:Program




Discover the Land of the Rising Sun


New week, new culture, new experiences!

The project International Weeks of the University of Bucharest continues with a journey through the culture and civilization of Japan.

From 4th to 12th of November 2017 you can discover the Japanese culture through exhibitions, film screening, and Japanese language workshops. You can also taste traditional tea and sushi during special ceremonies.

The full program of the cultural week of Japan is available here:Japanese Cultural Week





Cultural Week Of Israel


We are continuing the project International Weeks of the University of Bucharest by celebrating the culture of Israel in the period October 30th, 2017 – November 3rd, 2017.

During this week you are invited to participate in a series of activities and discover the beauty and richness of Israel’s culture.

For one week, you can attend conferences, workshops and round tables, or you can enjoy photo exhibitions, traditional music, movies and theatrical performance.

We will be honored by the presence of Rabbi Rafael Shaffer and actress Maia Morgernstern.

The full program of the cultural week of Israel is available here: program.1

Saptamana Culturii Israeliene

Get in Touch with the Chinese Culture!


The University of Bucharest is happy to launch the project entitled “International Weeks of the University of Bucharest” which consists of a series of cultural events developed throughout the academic year.

The project opens with the Chinese Cultural Week which takes place from October 23rd, 2017 to October 27th, 2017.

During this week you can discover the Chinese culture not only through the traditional conferences, but also in a more vivid manner, by attending workshops, movies, concerts and food tasting.

The full program of the event can be accessed here: Program




Let’s Theater It!


This autumn Bucharest hosts the 27th Edition of the National Theater Festival, which will take place from 20 to 30 of October 2017.

The Festival will present famous theater shows as Hamlet, Machbeth or Don Juan, and also theater representations directed by Romanian producers such as Mimi Brănescu, Gianina Cărbunariu or Arcadie Rusu.

During the festival you can also enjoy photo exhibitions, participate in workshops or attend conferences on various topics linked to the artistic world.

More information about the event you can find on:


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